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Welcome back to school everyone!

Even though it is still hot and its technically still summer, school is back in session. For those whom are new to the site, thank you for stopping in and I hope you will continue to enjoy sharing in our experiences as class.

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I try to post as much as I can so that parents, families and even fellow teachers can see all the wonderful things that take place in our class. However, life does happen and when it does the blog posts go from daily to bi-weekly updates…lol.  If you have not signed up for email notifications you should stop everything in your life and do so! This will let you know the moment a new blog post is up. Please feel free to comment and share this site with others, we are proud of the things we accomplish and we want everyone to know what is going on in our class. For more information on me, please visit my website. Without further ado, here are a few pictures from the first week.Mr Crouch 2013-17  Mr Crouch 2013-31 Mr Crouch 2013-30 Mr Crouch 2013-29 Mr Crouch 2013-28 Mr Crouch 2013-27 Mr Crouch 2013-26 Mr Crouch 2013-25 Mr Crouch 2013-24 Mr Crouch 2013-23 Mr Crouch 2013-22 Mr Crouch 2013-21 Mr Crouch 2013-20 Mr Crouch 2013-19 Mr Crouch 2013-18 Mr Crouch 2013-16

Mr Crouch 2013-15

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  • Candi Welch says:

    Wow! I’m super, uber, duper excited about this school year! I love the blog, I love your photography (I’m also a photographer), and I’m totally loving you as our teacher this year!!! It all looks and sounds so amazing, stimulating, fun, and exciting! Now I know why Annagrace has been running and bouncing out of the door every morning!!

  • Lauren Middlekauff says:

    Loved seeing this! I am so excited for this school year! Ellison is loving every day and I am enjoying seeing her excitement about learning. I will never forget how wonderful my first grade teacher was, and I am so happy for my little girl that she will have the same experience.

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